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15613 fittings are NPT male interlock special for higher pressure demanded hydraulic hoses. 15613 hose fittings are available for hydraulic hoses from 1/2’’ to 2’’. For other sizes, please advise our sales which OEM service can be offered. Colors of 15613 fittings can be chosen from white, yellow, silver and colorful.


Part no.: 15613(NPT Male Interlock)

Related items: 15611(fittings for one wire braided hydraulic hoses), 15612(fittings for one, two or four wire braided hydraulic hoses)

MOQ service: 200PCS each item

Delivery time: Less than 45 days for a big order

Currency: USD, EURO, RMB, others

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公 称 内径 डीएनASH ASH DASHसीएस
15613-08-08जेड 1/2 "X1412081922
15613-12-10जेड 3/4 "X14161019.530
15613-12-12जेड 3/4 "X14201219.530
15613-16-16जेड 1 "X11.525162436
15613-20-20Z1¼ "X11.532202546
15613-24-24Z1½ "X11.540242550
15613-32-32Z2 "X11.550322865


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